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Agriculture and Environment

Halton Region is one of Ontario's homes for agriculture and farming, accounting for about 24% of jobs in Halton. Learn more about our vibrant farming base.

Halton Region has a productive agricultural sector that enjoys outstanding soils, access to fresh water and benevolent climate. While protection of the agricultural land base is vital, it is also important to focus on farm viability to ensure that the sector can thrive and evolve over the long term. The agricultural and food sector is responsible for approximately 24 percent of employment in Halton Region. Its proximity to large urban centres allows for easy access to an extensive customer base. The 2016 Census of Agriculture reports gross farm receipts for Halton Region totaling $143 million; this does not include mushroom production as these numbers were suppressed. In 2016, the economic impact of agriculture in Halton Region was approximately $471 million.

On this page, find access to information about agriculture and farming in Halton Region.

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