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Repairs and Maintenance Funding and Application

Learn about how to apply for the grant.

Repairs and Maintenance Funding Grant

Funding is available to support repairs and maintenance of licensed child care centres across Halton Region. This funding grant helps to support operators who are not in compliance with licensing requirements under the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014, or who might be at risk of not being in compliance.

Halton Region accepts applications for Repairs and Maintenance Funding Grants throughout the year to allow for coordination with annual licensing inspections. For details, please check the Repairs and Maintenance Funding Grant Guide.


Visit 2017 Repairs and Maintenance Funding Application to apply for funding. You must have a log-in account to apply.

Contracted Service Providers with a Child Care Service Management Agreement

Enter the username and password from the Rate Application Form

Non-contracted Service Providers

Contact Halton Region for more information

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