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Find or Become an Authorized Tester


Learn about where to find and how to become an authorized Backflow Prevention Device installer and tester.

Find an authorized tester

Locate authorized testers (PDF file) across the region. Individuals must supply Halton Region with updated credentials to remain a qualified tester.

Services include:

  • Completing the required survey for your property
  • Installation of new or replacement Backflow Prevention Devices
  • Conducting testing on Backflow Prevention Devices

Become an authorized tester

To become an authorized OWWA accredited tester, follow the steps below:

  • application form (PDF file).
  • Include the following documentation with your application

Information for accredited testers

Disclaimer: The information on this site is for information purposes only. The Regional Municipality of Halton provides this list only as a convenience and not as an endorsement or warranty of the services, prices, or qualifications of the contractors listed thereon. The Region recommends you obtain several quotes before selecting a contractor. All contractors are independent third parties, separate and distinct from the Regional Municipality of Halton. The Regional Municipality of Halton assumes no liability for any actions taken in reliance on the information contained on this site.

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