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Whether you're pregnant or already a parent, you might have questions that need answered. Learn how HaltonParents can help you to get the answers you need.

HaltonParents blog

The HaltonParents blog is a place where you can find reliable information and support to help you along your parenting journey.

Our bloggers are public health nurses, each with specialized knowledge about every age and stage, from thinking about pregnancy to raising teenagers. Our nurses share their personal experiences and sound parenting information to help you address the everyday challenges and worries that come with the joy of being a parent in Halton.

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Andrea Scott RN

Being a parent is challenging! I love supporting parents on their journey, helping them make connections with their communities and other parents. It takes a village. I’m a mom to two little kids and in my (rare) down-time you’ll find me reading a good book.

Nicole O’Donnell RN

I have been working as a nurse supporting children and their families in acute care, clinic settings and now in public health for over 20 years. As a mother of four girls I am walking the walk and talking the talk – from early elementary to high school; life is never dull!

Hilary Reddin RN

My family and I have called Halton home for almost 20 years. These days you will find me providing support and connecting people to resources in the community. My passion is mental health, so if you talk to me, I may ask you how you are feeling.

Carolyn Wilkie RN

I have worked with Halton Region for many years, supporting new parents on their fabulous and sometimes crazy journey into parenthood. These days, I can be found blogging and chatting on Facebook about all things parenting. I have two sweet boys (most days) who bring me joy and large grocery bills. I look forward to connecting with you and your family online or in the community.

Kristy Walker RN

I am honoured to support families in the community where I was born and raised. My two young girls keep me on my toes, and I am grateful for the connections I have made on this parenting journey. With 10 years of nursing experience (seven of those in Public Health), you can count on me to listen and provide you with reliable parenting information. I’d love to chat with you!

Andrea Licursi RD

For the past 10 years, I have worked as a Public Health Dietitian supporting families with healthy eating and food skills. Working with families to make healthy food choices is a rewarding combination; encouraging children to be food explorers by trying healthy foods and flavours in a fun way is key! Living in Halton, my family regularly enjoys cooking meals together and being active outdoors. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Kirsty Kohler RN

I have a passion for helping families! I come armed with a bag of tricks from years of working with school communities and the everyday challenges and successes of being a mom. After raising two thriving, healthy young men, I would not say I am an “expert” but rather that I am “experienced."

Devon Clarke RN

I am a Public Health Nurse and mom to three lively children. I have been supporting parents and families for over 14 years and I understand how challenging and rewarding parenting can be. My time away from work is focused on my family and savouring those rare, quiet moments.

Tamara Kraszewski RN

I’m passionate about connecting with parents and supporting them in their parenting journey! My nursing career began with caring for infants at the Hospital for Sick Children followed by working as a Public Health Nurse supporting parents with children of all ages. I’m the mother of two grown boys and when not at work, I enjoy cycling, swimming and time with family.

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