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Emotional Well Being/Mental Health

There is no health without mental health, and current research shows that 1 in 5 children will suffer from poor mental health. Learn about mental health tips and resources for parents and caregivers.

There is no health without mental health. Mental health is the ability to think, feel and act in ways that help us to:

  • Cope with life’s ups and downs
  • Make good decisions
  • Have meaningful relationships

Mental health shows in how you think, feel and act in life. It affects how you see the world, handle challenges, relate to others and make choices.

Current research shows that 1 in 5 children will suffer from poor mental health. For most, these problems will be brief. Experiences with stress, sadness or low self-esteem are a part of growing up. However, when it begins to interfere with school, family or everyday living, it is time to ask for help.

Early intervention is key. Children and youth need to be taught coping skills and need to know they are not alone.

Kids Help Phone (external link) Provides anonymous and confidential professional counselling, referrals, and information through technologically-based communications media to improve the well-being of Canadian children and youth. The organization also provides public education, posters, brochures and wallet-cards.
Yoomagazine (external link) An interactive health magazine for young people, parents and professionals. The resource focuses on teaching mental health literacy, facilitating early detection of health and mental health difficulties, and promoting help-seeking in young people.
Youth Services in Halton Information on general health, counselling support, community services and more.
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