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EvenStart Program

Learn about how the EvenStart program can help prepare your child for the kindergarten classroom.

Is your child ready for kindergarten? If you have enrolled your child in school, but he/she has not had a lot of group experiences, the EvenStart program could help!

Learn about how the EvenStart program can help build the social and literacy skills of your child to ensure a smooth transition into school.

EvenStart - Language-Specific Brochures

What is the EvenStart program?

The EvenStart program is a summer program designed for children who have not yet been to nursery school, preschool, or child care. The focus of this program is to help prepare children for the daily routines and structure of the classroom. Through half-day sessions, your child will learn to:

  • Follow the teacher's instructions
  • Enjoy the chance to play with new friends
  • Learn to wait for a turn
  • Be with other adults
  • Talk about their feelings

Program information

  • A free 4 week summer program for children
  • Daily, half-day (2.5 hour) sessions
  • “Meet and greet” for parents and children prior to program start
  • Application and acceptance into the program is required


The EvenStart program runs in select elementary schools in Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Georgetown, and Acton. The location of program applicants helps to determine the specific schools in which the program will run. Upon acceptance to the program, EvenStart organizers will inform you of the school location your child will attend.


For acceptance into the EvenStart program, your child must be registered for kindergarten at any Halton school. Once registered, the school will supply you with an Ready, Set, GO! information package.

  • Ready, Set, GO! package includes the EvenStart bookmark. Paper copy applications are available through the school.
  • Acceptance letters will be mailed out early in June
  • No registrations are accepted by phone
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