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Oral Health Promotion


Halton Region actively promotes and is committed to improving the oral health of our residents.

Halton Region's engagement to promote best possible oral health

Halton Region is committed to ensuring the best possible oral health of its residents. We actively promote oral health through activities across the lifespan. We work to allow all Halton residents to increase control over and improve their oral health.

Halton Region's oral health promotion activities

Here are some examples of oral health promotion activities that we undertake:

  • Oral health screenings at public health clinics and elementary schools.
  • Determining eligibility for dental financial assistance programs.
  • Collaborating with local Dental Societies to improve access to dental care throughout Halton Region.
  • Developing and disseminating oral health resource for residents.
  • Developing resources for teachers to include oral health education within the school curriculum.
  • Conducting campaigns to increase awareness of the Healthy Smiles Ontario program and the importance of oral health on overall health and well-being.
  • Participating in community events to promote oral health programs and services.
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