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Good governance in Halton Region is accomplished in part by the implementation of by-laws. Learn more about by-laws, and find by-law content, for Halton Region.

About by-laws

By-laws are public laws and policies intended to keep Halton a safe, healthy and clean place to live. Halton's Regional Council considers and approves by-laws that address the government responsibilities of the Region. Local municipalities also have by-laws. The by-laws of both levels of government work together as frameworks for successful communities.

Halton Region departments and divisions interpret and manage by-laws set by Council. They may recommend by-law updates.

Accessing by-Laws

You may access by-laws by using our site search, or by navigating through our list of frequently requested by-laws (below).

NOTE: The by-laws available on this website are provided as a convenience only. User should verify all information before acting on it. Some versions of by-laws may be consolidated. A consolidated by-law is one that includes some or all changes ("amendments") that have been made to it.


Frequently requested by-laws

Development Charges

Concerns development charges. Development Charges (DC) recover the costs associated with the growth of the region. These charges are related to construction of roads, sewers, public utility services and transit.

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Fees & Charges

Establishes 2018 fees and charges for services provided by the Regional Municipality of Halton.

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Food Handler Certification

Concerns mandatory Food Handler Certification.

More on Food Safety

Forest Use

Concerns permitted and prohibited activities in Halton Regional forest tracts.

More on Regional Forests

Garbage Collection

Establishes and implements single-tier waste management throughout Halton Region.

More on Recycling and Waste

Procedural By-law

Governs the proceedings of Halton Regional Council, its Committees and the conduct of its Members.

More on Decision Making at Halton


Establishes Halton Region's procurement policies and procedures.

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Regional Roads

Prohibits, restricts and regulates access to Halton's Regional Road System.

Retail Sales on Regional Roads

Prohibits retail sale on Halton's Regional roads.

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Regulates the placing or erecting of signs within a Regional Road Right-of-Way.


Prohibits smoking within 9 metres from any entrance or exit of buildings owned or leased by Halton Region or its Local Municipalities.

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Prohibits or regulates the destruction or injuring of trees in Halton Region.

More on Trees


Prohibits, regulates and controls discharges into bodies of waters within regional boundaries or into Halton's Regional sanitary sewers, storm sewers, sanitary sewage works and all tributary sewer systems.

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Wastewater Fees & Charges

Establishes 2017 wastewater fees and charges for the collection and disposal of wastewater (sewage) in Halton Region.

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Wastewater System

Governs the collection and transmission of wastewater, the establishment, construction, maintenance, operation, improvement, and extension of wastewater systems of Halton Region and establishment of wastewater sewer rates and charges.

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Water and Wastewater Connection Charges

Concerns connection charges for connections of buildings to the waterworks system and wastewater works (sewage) system of Halton Region and for service extensions.

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Water Cross Connection Control

Concerns the prevention of backflow into the water system of Halton Region.

Water Rates and Charges

Establishes 2017 water rates and charges for the production, treatment, storage and distribution of water in Halton Region.

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Water Works

Governs the supply of water, the establishment, construction, maintenance, operation, improvement and extension of water works systems for Halton Region and the establishment of water rates and charges.

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By-law enforcement

By-law enforcement officers ensure conformance to Regional by-laws. Current by-law enforcement officers are listed online, along with their respective by-law. If you have a question or a concern about a possible by-law violation, please call 311 and ask for the corresponding by-law enforcement officer.

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Contact the Regional Clerk

If you would like to verify information, require a certified true copy or request a copy of a by-law prior to 1973, contact the Regional Clerk.

Phone: 905.825.6000 ext. 7405
Toll Free: 1.866.442.5866 ext. 7405