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Agencies, Boards and Committees

Regional Council creates advisory and ad hoc committees to obtain valuable input, guidance and recommendations. Learn more about the committees.

Regional Council may form advisory committees to obtain valuable input, guidance and recommendations from the public. These committees rely on citizen volunteers or appointments from other agencies, who bring their experience and ideas to the process of Regional governance. Regional Council may create other advisory or liaison committees from time to time depending on the needs of specific programs.

Each committee operates in accordance with a Terms of Reference that is approved and established by Regional Council.

When citizen participation is required, the Region posts opportunities to serve on its committees on its website.

Council also appoints members of Council to agencies, boards, committees and other bodies.

Halton's Committees

  • Development Charges Advisory Committee
  • Greater Toronto Airports Authority Board of Directors
  • Halton Agricultural Advisory Committee
  • Halton Developers Liaison Committee
  • Halton Regional Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • Halton Regional Police Services Board
  • Halton Waste Management Site Advisory Committee
  • Joint Municipal Regional Waste Management Committee
  • Joint Compliance Audit Committee
  • Natural Heritage Advisory Committee
  • Older Adult Advisory Committee
  • Regional Waterfront Parks Advisory Committee
  • Royal Botanical Gardens Board of Directors
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