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Developing in Halton


About Planning Applications

It's simple - if you are a property owner who wants to submit an application for development approval, you should first reach out to the Planning Department of your local municipality:

If you've been told by your local municipality's Planning Department to approach us, Halton Region is the approval authority for:

  • Regional Official Plan Amendments
  • Local Official Plan Amendments, when 'not-exempt'

Planning Services acts as the 'one-window' in coordinating the Region's review on most development applications in Halton. We ensure your development addresses the Region's policies and standards.

Learn more about Official Plan Amendments and Process.


Before you make a formal planning application to Halton Region, please consult with Local and Regional planning staff. We want to help you understand the process and our requirements. A pre-consultation meeting is an important part of any development approval process. It allows Local and Regional staff to identify studies or additional materials that may be required to properly evaluate your proposal.

Contact Information

For inquiries on clearance of Halton Region conditions, contact Halton's Planning staff:

  • Call 905-825-6000
    Toll Free 1-866-4HALTON (1-866-442-5866)
    TTY 905-827-9833
    Fax 905-825-8822